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  • Cefalexin monohydrate
  • Cefquinome Sulphate
  • Ceftiofur HCI
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  • Clorsulon
  • Cyfluthrin
  • Cypermethrin
  • Diclofenac Sodium
  • Doxycycline Hyclate
  • Enrofloxacin
  • Erthromycin Thiocyanate
  • Fenbendazole
  • Fipronil
  • Florfenicol
  • Flumethrin
  • Flunixin Meglumine
  • Gentamicin Sulphate
  • Imidocarb Dipropionate
  • Ivermectin
  • Kanamycin Monosulphate
  • Ketoprofen
  • Levamisole HCI
  • Lidocaine HCI
  • Magnesium Hypophosphite Hexahydrate
  • Marbofloxacin
  • Metamizole Sodium Monohydrate
  • Neomycin Sulphate
  • Oxfendazole
  • Oxyclozanid
  • Oxytetracycline Dilhydrate
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  • Oxytocin
  • Potassium Clavulanate
  • Praziquantel
  • Ricobendazole
  • Simeticone(Dimethypolysiloxane)
  • Sodium Ascorbate(Vitamin C)
  • Sodium Bicarbonate
  • Sodium Selenite
  • Spiramycin
  • Sulfadiazine Sodium
  • Sulfadimidine Sodium
  • Sulfamethoxazole
  • test en1
  • Tilmicosin
  • Toldimfos Sodyum
  • Triclabendazole
  • Trimethoprim
  • Tylosin Baz
  • Tylosin Tartrate
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  • Vitamin E

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Veterinary Anthelmintic
Ricopar Injectable Solution is a yellow – light amber colored, sterile solution. Each ml contains 100 mg of ricobendazole.
Ricopar Injectable Solution; is used in cattle and sheep in the treatment and prevention of clinical and subclinical gastroenteritis caused by gastrointestinal nematodes indicated in activity spectrum, parasitic bronchitis caused by lung nematodes, tapeworm infestations (anaplocephalosis) and chronic fluke infestation (fascioliasis). Ricopar Injectable Solution is effective against parasites listed below;
Gastrointestinal nematodes (young and adult gastrointestinal nematodes): Trichostrongylus sp., Oesophagostomum sp., Haemonchus sp., Cooperia sp., Ostertagia sp. (including benzimidazole resistant inhibited L4 larvae), Bunostomum sp., Capillaria sp., Chabertia sp., Nematodirus sp., Strongyloides sp.
Lung nematodes (young, L4 and adult lung nematodes): Dictyocaulus viviparus, D. filaria
Liver flukes: Fasciola hepatica and F. gigantica (adult stages),
Tapeworms: Moniezia sp.
Cysticercus bovis (T. saginatas intermediate form in cattle, its last host is humans): When applied to cattle 30 and 60 days before slaughter, it kills Cysticercus bovis and prevents infestations.
Unless advised otherwise by the veterinarian, Ricopar Injectable Solution is administered subcutaneously (SC) to cattle and sheep. Pharmacological doses of ricobendazole in cattle and sheep are 3.75 mg/kg body weight (1.5 ml / 40 kg bw) for gastrointestinal and lung nematodes, 5 mg/kg body weight (2 ml / 40 kg bw) for tapeworms and 7.5 mg/kg body weight (3 ml / 40 kg bw) for liver flukes and Ostertagia ostertagi’s inhibited larvae.
In applications exceeding 10 ml, it is recommended to divide total amount into two and inject at different areas.
Cattle and sheep should not be slaughtered during the treatment and for 14 days in cattle and 10 days in sheep following the last treatment. Cow and sheep milk should not be used for human consumption during the treatment and for 3 days (6 milkings) following the last treatment.
Sold as 20 ml, 50 ml, 100 ml and 250 ml in amber colored glass vials inside cardboard boxes and 500 ml in amber colored polyethylene terephthalate vials.