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Teknovet R&D Center

Teknovet Teknovet R&D Center
Teknovet Pharmaceutical has launched its Republic of Turkey Ministry of Science approved R&D Center on the date of 08/02/2018 with the 45880419-206 99E626 numbered legal decision. 
The main purpose of our R&D Center is about planing future of the company’s products with the support of innovation power. By following the developments in the world, to produce technological and scientific projects for innovation and global competition, to develop alternative technologies, to address domestic and international markets and to develop valuable products.
Our R&D Center aim to develop new product and improve existing product, also supply the needs of target market. The R&D Center aims to add value to our countrys economy by creating motivation in all works done.
In this direction, TEKNOVET Pharmaceutical, which is the leading company of its own business field in Turkey, aims to represent our country in veterinary medicinal product sector by comprising all livestock with its R&D Center studies and offering innovative, high quality products to the Turkey and export markets.
Teknovet R&D Center