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Teknovet Pharmacovigiliance
Pharmacovigilance in a short; is studies about the analysing of the veterinary medicinal product’s adverse effects and about determining, evaluating, identificating and preventing the potential problems (effects on target animal species, adverse effects and interactions with other drugs) about it.
The discovery of natural and synthetic medicines and especially the discovery of the antibiotics for struggling with diseases is the first huge and important step for humanity. The usage of the discovered drugs and raw materials found common usage along with the rising population and longed and better quality life spans. The adverse effects of the drugs, which is used in the treatment of many diseases has been noticed firstly on that times. Especially in heart, blood pressure regulators, systemic regulators and in antibiotics, the adverse effects which requires quite attention and research has been noted along with the positive effects and by giving importance as much as indications, the need of presenting information to both the prescribers and users in the title ‘’contrendications and adverse effects’’ has arised.
In the modern world, side effect studies have gained importance as well as indication studies of drugs and these studies combined as pharmacovigilance studies.
Drugs and raw materials which is used in human medicine, human health in other word, have started to apply exactly in animal health which closely interests the human and food health.
When the topic is about products of veterinary medicine, the definition of pharmacovigilance means drugs, which are supplied to markets and completed studies as target species, usages and dosages. It includes collecting information about the adverse effects occur in drugs even when used in recommended ways, report and to inform them to the competent authorities. Use of non-target species and unproposed dose and usages are excluded from pharmacovigilance reporting.
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